Headwaters Health Care Foundation


The Headwaters Video Stories Series
The series is initially planned to include twelve stories from people in the Headwaters community, who received treatment and/or provide care at Headwaters Health Care Centre. Sprout worked with the Foundation to speak with the storytellers, and to capture those moments on video.

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Cory Bruyea (Production Company: Bala Films)

Betty’s Story: Cory Bruyea
Darryl’s Story: Cory Bruyea
Robyn’s Story: Stewart Gunn

Stewart Gunn

HHCF Newspaper Ads

The Foundation’s newspaper ad series, amazingly, is often quoted as the reason for a donation. It’s always nice to have proof that, well, advertising works. Especially when it concerns a small community hospital. These ads have run since 2009 – with only slight changes to the look and feel as the HHCF brand has evolved. Sprout has written and designed the ads since the start of the series.