So many pieces to love, so hard to choose what to put up. I will add to this page as time goes on. The items below are just a start.


One of my favourite posters ever. I love maple syrup. I got paid in maple syrup. Life is good.


Many years of working with the SPCA branch in Orangeville yielded oh-so-many wonderful pieces.
Somehow the dopey face of this tabby kitten has pushed this particular poster up to the top of the list.


While working on Bonne Bell I was happy to hang out in girl-land.
This full page magazine and and the two below = pure joy. Happiness balm, indeed.



Buckleys_1-b buckleys_2-b














When I worked on Buckley’s, I had the pleasure of writing television, radio and print ads; all wonderful challenges anchored by the marvelous tagline written by Peter Byrne before I even started working in advertising. For some reason, these two small print ads, which ran in the National Enquirer in the US, were my absolute favourites.










This long copy piece for the Greenbelt Foundation is something of which I am immensely proud – this is just one spread of a multi-page brochure. The copy was the result of much research and many conversations, and had to work for all those concerned with the Greenbelt (those who live there and farm there, as well as those who want to preserve its richness). Copy for the spread above is as follows:

A living rural landscape.

The Greenbelt contains nearly 2 million hectares of the richest farmland in the world, and it produces enough food – if none of it were exported – to feed all Ontarians. From the richly productive Holland Marsh near Newmarket to the wine and fruit kingdoms of the Niagara region, Ontario’s Greenbelt is an extraordinarily fertile region. We must figure out ways to preserve these agricultural lands and help farmers generate greater economic viability as well. Some of today’s innovative programs are rich with the possibility to do so.

FarmStart is one of those programs. An inspired idea from the University of Guelph, FarmStart helps immigrants (often farmers themselves) become Ontario farmers at three first-ever training farms. FarmStart teaches these new Ontarians the best environmentally sound farming practices in Canada, giving these people the chance to do the work they love. Many of them introduce to our farmlands crops not grown here before, thereby increasing crop diversity as well as our knowledge. The program is also available to young people from farm backgrounds and to people with no farm experience at all.

The average age of an Ontario farmer is 52, and his or here children are generally not interested in continuing to farm. The goal of this program – to interest a new generation in farming – is absolutely vital to our food supply.

In addition to putting food on Ontario’s tables and supplying food for export throughout the world, Greenbelt farmers provide local produce and products to farmers’ markets all across the region. This helps sustain the rural vitality of the small towns of the Greenbelt and brings the people of the area closer to each and to the land on which they live.

We all benefit when farmlands are preserved so that they can continue to feed us in the future, when farming is a prosperous livelihood, and when people feel the connection between the food in their cupboards and the land. And together, we – all who support and believe in Ontario’s Greenbelt – are helping to make these things possible.


This poster and the two below were also just wonderful to create – clothes + shopping + goodness for the earth = yay!

CREEKSIDE_poster_sky CREEKSIDE_poster_therapy






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