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Big love.

I love animals, and I love newspaper ads. I also love words. And shamelessly, I love pictures of animals that I can use for newspaper ads that go nicely with headlines and copy written to (hopefully) persuade people to adopt animals from the SPCA. I created a whole bunch of ads, posters and other pieces […]

Oh, darling.

A sweet ad for the Headwaters Health Care Foundation (HHCF). Did you know the government doesn’t fund the purchase of new equipment for hospitals? Neither did I, until I started working the the Foundation. In a small community, the hospital is vital, has to serve a large number of people, and be prepared for any […]

Ainsley’s Story

Dances of happiness around Sprout this afternoon, as we uploaded the most recent of the Headwaters Health Care Foundation video stories. This one’s about Ainsley, a 10 year old girl who has diabetes – and is living quite a full and lively life,  thank you very much. She and her sister and her mom all […]