Archive | November, 2013

HHCF: Baby Fish brochure

Today’s project: I think this might be the sweetest little brochure project I’ve ever had the chance to work on. The Baby Fish program at Headwaters Health Care Centre is a fairly wonderful way to mark the births of babies in the Headwaters area – and it was just lovely to spend time on this […]

Corporate Benefit Analysts

Sprout has worked with CBA over the last year or so on various projects; this was a postcard series done at the end of the summer this year. The mailable cards evolved into slides for their website and emails sent to various lists. The postcards were two-sided, an example of the reverse is shown below. […]

No projects due today sooo…

An unusual day at Sprout, with no deadlines; so, time for some fun. I learned to knit a week ago, and now I find I am a bit obsessed with the craft. So soothing! So peaceful! So knitty. I am thinking of creating a series of cards. Not sure where to take it, yet, but […]

Small ad for the DSC

Today’s project: Not-for-profits so often have very little money for advertising, so equally often I need to find a way to fit a fair bit of information into a small space. With the Donkey Sanctuary, it’s always a pleasure though, because even if the ad was completely devoid of words, the pictures they send me […]

The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada

Today’s project: Small magazine ad for The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, an amazing, idyllic 100 acre spot just south of Guelph. They’ve been rescuing donkeys and mules since 1992, and are a remarkable not-for-profit. Want to give a unique gift this year? Give the gift of donkeys.

HFFA logo

Just finished this logo/tagline project for the Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance. As with most projects like this (nascent brand identity), it was difficult to get to consensus. But after all was said and done, a large committee agreed on one choice, which isn’t always even possible with large groups.

HHCF: Newspaper ad

Today’s project: Sprout has worked with the Headwaters Health Care Foundation (HHCF) for several years. This is the latest in a long-running series of ads featured in local newspapers. Copy/layout by Sprout. Image courtesy of Jane Brass Design.


Today’s project: Always charming and wonderful; I love working on these ads. A great shop with a great ethic.

White Ribbon: Orangeville Firefighters

Today’s project: create the latest poster for the White Ribbon Campaign – this time featuring the Orangeville Firefighters and their sons. If you haven’t done so yet, visit the Headwaters White Ribbon site, where you can sign the pledge. Photo by Pete Paterson.